Penetrating Damp



Raindance is a colourless water-repellent for masonry based on UV-resistant siloxanes. It can be used on old and new buildings to protect against rain penetration (penetrating damp) and to help keep masonry clean. Raindance does not block the pores in masonry so water vapour is able to escape (thus preventing the "spalling" associated with less advanced products).

Raindance does not affect the natural finish of the substrate(although some darkening may appear). However when rainwater lands on the treated surface it will form droplets and run off, rather than soaking into the substrate.

Raindance is supplied as a concentrate that is diluted with tap water before use. It is applied to masonry by brush or coarse spray.

The performance of Raindance is affected by highly alkaline substrates such as new concrete/mortar and should be allowed to cure for at least 28 days before Raindance is applition


Before Application

Wooden and metal window/door frames and glass surfaces should be covered up before treatment, since removal of silicone resin splashes after drying can be very time consuming. Splashes should be removed as soon as possible using soapy water or if necessary a solvent.


Preparation of The Substrate

For the treatment to be succesfull it is essential to check all joint and roof connections. Major cracks in the brickwork should be filled in. Hairline cracks up to 0.3mm can be "bridged" by Raindance. If re-pointing is necessary the mortar should be allowed to age for 2-3 weeks before treatment.

Dirty surfaces should be cleaned before impregnation using any proprietary acid or alkaline brick cleaner. Steam cleaning or grit blasting are also suitable. Rust, tar and bitumen stains must also be removedwith a non-detergent cleaner prior to treatment.



Raindance should be diluted to the requires strength before use by the addition of tap water. When adding water to Raindance the emulsion should be stirred.

For most surfaces Raindance should be diluted 1:14 with tap water. 1.67 litre pack of Raindance +23.33 litres tap water=25 litres working solution.



Application can be made by Brush, Lambswool Roller or Coarse Spray. Application should start at the highest point working from side to side allowing a "run down" of 6-12". If treatment is halted it is advisable to make a light chalk mark to indicate where treatment has ceased.